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The digital transformation market is set to hit £7.4 tn. If you're looking for new ways to help your customers and want to work with a trusted partner who really understands automation, digitisation, and is fully integrated with the Mitel environment, work with Bizvu and take your share of this exciting market.

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The digital transformation market is set to hit $7.4 tn. If you're looking for new ways to help your customers and want to work with a trusted partner who truly understands automation, digitization, and is fully integrated with the Mitel environment, work with Bizvu and seize your share of this exciting market.


The team at Bizvu creates and delivers innovative solutions to organizations facing specific customer challenges, whether large or small, to drive digital transformation. They have been pioneers in the customer space since the advent of disruption through web, mobile, and social platforms, and they bring a refreshing approach to designing and delivering solutions for clients. Bizvu is well-known for its innovations in customer engagement and business processes, helping organizations facilitate change, create new business models, and define digital solution architectures to meet these challenges.


Bizvu is a globally approved Mitel partner who are privately owned and are financially strong, so as not to defocus their mission. They provide a suite of feature rich SaaS applications that integrate with Mitel contact center solutions to meet the needs of modern digital organizations, increase the solution scope, scale and value of Mitel solutions since 2010.


The Bizvu suite of modular, feature-rich SaaS applications enhances customer experience, boosts operational efficiency, and serves as the foundation for workplace modernization, digital transformation, and the development of new business models. These Commercially Off The Shelf (COTS) applications offer unparalleled digital interaction management, provide valuable actionable data insights, support process automation and interaction orchestration, and streamline access to and from back-office databases and systems of record. These applications can be easily and swiftly tailored to meet individual requirements.


Bizvu achieves its differentiated value by leveraging its extensive experience in enterprise solution development, system orchestration, agile development principles, configurable applications, and integration capabilities, enabling seamless integration with digital platforms, back-office systems, and contact center platforms.


Long-standing vendor and client relationships provide Bizvu with far reaching insights into current and future digital workspace requirements. This is further enhanced by a well-established network of channel partners already achieving significant sales and recurring revenue streams.


Bizvu provides the flexibility to leverage agile development expertise and capabilities to provide targeted development to complement Mitel's offerings to market, creating differentiated value, sector solutions and new product offerings. In this fast-paced ever changing market place, speed of delivery is business critical for most organisations. The ability to provide out of the box solutions that solve current challenges, swiftly and cost-effectively is the secret behind Bizvu's success.


Bizvu maintains a strong focus on support and professional services, catering to long-term customers of all sizes who rely on robust solutions. These customers range from small businesses to large global enterprises spanning a wide range of industries. Bizvu's comprehensive solutions can enhance your digital transformation portfolio, open up significant business growth opportunities, and deliver outstanding operational value to your clients.

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